Be the Middle Cat
Be the Middle Cat
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This image of the crescent Earth and Moon was taken 16 years ago today by the Japanese spacecraft Nozomi. Shots like this usually kindle my sense of wonder but today it's just a bit depressing.

I'm less optimistic about the future of humanity now than I was during the Cold War. We're steadily increasing our ability to be the architects of our own doom. While a full scale nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia is unlikely right now, a limited exchange by other nuclear states would still be devastating. We have trouble keeping track of our stockpiles of dangerous diseases while others mutate into more resistant forms. There are plenty more downer items but I've made my point.


The image above reminds me that all of humanity is on this one planet. I want to be hopeful but it's hard for me to believe that we'll get people away from here before we destroy ourselves.

Here's some Fleetwood Mac so this post don't end on a total downer.

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